EasyBlog v3.0.7164 - j1.5, j1.6, j1.7 - RETAIL

EasyBlog v3.0.7164 - j1.5, j1.6, j1.7 - RETAIL

EasyBlog v3.0.7164 - j1.5, j1.6, j1.7 - RETAIL | 6,71 MB

Added new author option when creating or editing a category.
Added configuration for admins to enable gallery on the front page.
Added new AUP rule for reading blog entry.
Update styling for read more styling and FB button with send button
Fixed twitter update the blog link not clickable.
Fixed latestpost by tag if the count limit is not required, should pass in boolean false instead into model function.
Use https for sharethis and addthis.
Trigger EasyBlog plugins when emails are fetched.
Fixed duplicated setting names.
Fixed archive view the timezone offset issue.
Updated digg's javascript to use normal http links.
Fixed issues with gallery not supporting multiple galleries.
Fixed image upload issue with unicode filename.
Fixed issues with latest post by blogger when module type is set to current.
Reduced possibility of conflicts when Joomla is embedding the getContent values.
Set the social publish link in the dashboard not to have text decoration.
Fixed wrong config name referenced in comment form under email field.
Fixed email attachments with same name will get overwritten.
Properly test for menu type before checking the inclusions.
Fixed xmlrpc parse error caused by missing closing braket.
Fixed JomSocial toolbar integrations.
Fixed XSS injections.
Fixed spacing issue between the author and the creation date for hako - new theme.
Fixed media manager the url.
Fixed xmlrpc if user post as draft, the post will marked as unpublished instead of published.
Added some width reset for medialinks plugin.
Fixed AUP integration issue when the AUP version doesn't support user medal feature will give fatal error.


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