CodeCanyon Slider PRO v 1.5.2 - WordPress Premium Slider Plugin

CodeCanyon Slider PRO v 1.5.2 - WordPress Premium Slider Plugin

CodeCanyon Slider PRO v 1.5.2 - WordPress Premium Slider Plugin | 11 MB
Slider PRO is one of the most powerful slider plugins for WordPress on the market (some buyers have been saying that it’s actually the best). The slider offers you 100+ customizable properties, 100+ possible transition effects, 10+ skins and much more. Also, the slider’s administration area is very powerful and uses the default WordPress design, which WordPress users are already familiar with. This slider plugin is carefully coded, using WordPress development best practices, to avoid conflicts with other themes and plugins that are well coded.

Slider Features

More than 100 possible transition effects
More than 100 customizable properties
Inline HTML content
More than 10 slider skins
Mode than 7 scrollbar skins
Supports YouTube/Vime videos, flash content inside the slide due to the inline HTML support
Built-in Lightbox support, that supports a variaty of content, like images, YouTube/Vimeo videos, HTML pages
Supports multiple sliders on the same page
Use thumbnails as tooltips or in a thumbnail scroller
Thumbnails will be generated automatically
Show/Hide the slider controls
Possibility to set global slider options and also per slide options
Captions that support simple text or HTML content
Auto slideshow mode is supported
Possibility to shuffle the slides

Slider Admin Features

Optimized to include the slider scripts only on pages where the slider is used
Possibility to preview the slider in the admin area
Inline help which will pop up a tooltip with the option’s description when you roll over the option’s name
Custom-built and user friendly Media Loader for inserting images into slides
Easy slide and slider management
Advanced shortcodes
The slider is translation ready
Skin Editor which allows you to edit the skin’s CSS from within the slider’s admin area
Uses the Default WordPress interface
Custom Widget for easily inserting a slider in the widget’s area
Import and Export Sliders
Shortcode generator for easly inserting a slider in a post/page
PHP call to insert the slider in your PHP code

You can read more about these features at

Also, there are several screencasts available at

For examples, please see:

If you have any questions or need assistance installing and using the slider, please feel free to ask; I will gladly help you. Also, if you like this slider, please take a moment to rate it :) A lot of work was put into this and most customers rate it 5 stars, so if you plan to rate it lower than 5 stars I would really appreciate if you contact me first with your suggestions/complaints; maybe I can explain/resolve those issues :) Thank you!


v 1.5.2 (12 August 11)
* upgraded to TimThumb 2.7
* added character escaping for a few text fields in the Slider's admin area

v 1.5.1 (7 August 11)
* upgraded to TimThumb 2.0

v 1.5 (3 August 11)
* upgraded to the latest TimThumb version

v 1.5 (14 July 11)
* added the possibility to navigate through the lightbox content
* fixed a bug that was removing the

tags from the rich editor in WP 3.2

v 1.4.4 (6 July 11)
* made a few modifications to the Slider's admin area in order to fit the new WordPress 3.2 design

v 1.4.3 (1 July 11)
* made some edits to the timthumb script to allow very big images to be loaded
* fixed a bug that occurred for the 'Align' option

v 1.4.2 (30 June 11)
* updated the timthumb script to the latest version

v 1.4.1 (25 June 11)
* added the 'alt' tag to all images for w3c validation purposes

v 1.4 (24 June 11)
* fixed the w3c validation errors

v 1.3 (19 June 11)
* fixed the Slider PRO rich editor button, which accidentally got broken in v 1.2

v 1.2 (17 June 11)
* added a custom built GUI which will make it easier to insert images from the WordPress Medial Library into the slides

v 1.1 (08 June 11)
* fixed a few minor issues
* added a troubleshooting chapter to the documentation

v 1.0 (02 June 11)
* first release


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