CodeCanyon - Puzzle Promo App for Facebook

CodeCanyon - Puzzle Promo App for Facebook

CodeCanyon - Puzzle Promo App for Facebook | 8,92 MB
Puzzle promo app is an application for creating promotions and contests on any Facebook page based on the dynamic puzzle games

With Puzzle promo app you can:

Create promotions that comply with the rules of Facebook
Increase and loyalize your fan base
Design your own promotion
Create exclusive product giveaways and sweepstakes for your fans
Game based on the dynamics of putting together a puzzle
Encourage user engagement.

Puzzle promo app works for all Facebook pages Whether you’re a small business or a large brand, Puzzle promo app provides a simple and effective way to promote your page.

Puzzle promos app not require any programming knowledge Puzzle promos app allows you to create promotions and contests in minutes without any programming knowledge. Using a single form you can define all elements of the promotion.

Increase your fan base Design exclusive promotions and contests for your fans. Only those who become fans of your page can participate. In addition, Puzzle promos app incorporates all Facebook mechanisms in order to achieve maximum visibility for the promotion: you can post the promotion on your wall, invite your friends, share a contest entry, etc.

Create promotions and contests With Puzzle promo app you can design different types of promotions and contests. Create sweepstakes, user-generated contests, product giveaways, favorite picks, trivia and many other options. All promotions and contests are defined using a single form. Within minutes you can publish your promotion.


Opt-In registration form
Participants does not allow duplicate
They can only participate fan
Automatic sending email to complete your registration
Export entries to Excel
Customize text header
Customize banner header
Use your own brand name
Use your own Google Analytics code
Invite friends tool
Automatic wall posting
Customize wall posts
Customize facebook open graph meta tags
Customize fan tab
Customize no fan tab
Customize promotion inactive
Limit participation only to fans
Full customization of the css styles
Define terms and coditions of the promotion
Custom application name
Custom tab ico
Custom tab name
Set the maximum nuber of entries
Promotion Management - Administration area
Access to list of registered users


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