ThemeForest - King Size v3.3 - Fullscreen Background Theme

ThemeForest - King Size v3.3 - Fullscreen Background Theme

ThemeForest - King Size v3.3 - Fullscreen Background Theme | 16,4 MB
King Size WP is WordPress version of top-selling HTML template.Including a variety of options, King Size can be suitable to fit any particular use. Offering you five very different gallery styles (including 4 additional layout styles for ColorBox, FancyBox and prettyPhoto), with ability to blog about your photos (attach featured images) and etc.

Creating a Gallery / Portfolio can’t be any easier. You just upload your images via Media Gallery (all explained in the documentation) and automatically those images are converted to the Gallery Type you have selected for that specific page. There are no extra steps, just upload your images and click publish.

- Video Support for Portfolios.
- Lightbox effects in Native WordPress Galleries.
- new theme options.
- Fixed all known / reported bugs mentioned.
- Included Featured Image lightbox effects.
- Now included the option to Reset theme settings.
- Supports WPMU
- Ability to enable / disable right-clicks on website.
- Many more features included.

Password Protection Fix
We have fixed the previous issues with the "Password Protected Pages" requiring text in the Content Editor, otherwise the input fields failed to display. Files include: colorbox.php, galleria.php, fancybox.php, page.php, prettyphoto.php and slideviewer.php.
- Added 3 new options that controll the Dates of Single Posts, Blog Archives and Portfolio Items. The ability to "Enable / Disable" the Dates from being displayed. /js/options.js
- Added new tooltips that correspond with the updates in "/lib/theme-options.php", giving descriptions to the new features we've included. timthumb.php
- Updated timthumb.php with the most current and stable version available online. style.css
- Added in new styling to compliment the new options for No Dates in Blog Posts and Portfolio items. template_blog.php
- Added in a new conditional option that allows the user to select whether or not they want to display the dates with their blog entries via General / Theme Settings.
- Added in the ability to disable the "Lightbox effects" when clicking the Featured Images. This is controllable via the write-panel in your posts when editing / creating them. Now you can set the lightbox effect to work or not work on individual posts.
- Added new write-panel options for controlling the Lightbox effects on the Featured Images. Now you can disable / enable lightbox in individual posts as desired. template-portfolio.php
- Added in the ability to disable lightbox on Images displayed inside your Portfolio Pages. Controllable via the write-panel when creating / editing your Portfolio Items.
- Added in the ability to disable or enable lightbox on the images displayed in your Portfolio Items.
- Added new write-panel options to control the ability to disable / enable the lightbox effect on the individual Portfolio Items.
- Added the ability for buyers to include the "comments" inside the individual Portfolio Items.
- Edited to include the new Notification Updater for any new Theme Update Releases in the near future.
/lib/theme-update-notification.php *NEW*
- Added to compliment the new Theme Update Notification we've added into this release of KingSize WordPress.


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