FREE Pro Essential Photoshop Actions

FREE Pro Essential Photoshop Actions

FREE Pro Essential Photoshop Actions
This great Set of amazing Photoshop Actions is brought to you to give always perfect effects and to elaborate a creative and original photography post production.
Photoshop ATN | + Instructions | 5.7 Mb

This Essential Pack contains 7 different Actions:

Soft Blur Glow
Very useful to create depth in every photo and to focus on a specific area. Amazing when you need to blur a region of a photo mantaing the realistic definition of the shapes.

Matte Paint
Very cool effect wich creates an artistic matte painted look. This Action is useful when you have blended many photos into one, to give an homogeneous look.

Creative Detail Sharpener
A selective sharpener wich target the correct edges and sharpen them smoothly.It creates sleek edges mantaining the original realistic look giving a wow effect to any photo.

Deep Light Glow
It applies a dreamy look to the image creating an airy atmosphere. It transforms the definiton of the lights and the overall luminosity; this Action is a sweet final touch to your art.

Soft Light Luminosity
Selectively increases the lights of the image mantaing the correct detail definition.This Action is great when you need to professionally enlight a photo without loosing informations.

TV Scanlines
Generates halftone pattern lines and applies a contrast correction. It gives a dramatic and intense look the photo, awesime with urban and underground sceneries.

Movie Effect
Applies an incredible colors and exposure correction to the image generating a strong cinematic contrast and a dramatic atmosphere.

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